Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So many, many questions and so few answers.  This much is known for sure:  a young father has been senselessly taken from his family, murdered over the purchase of a truck.  

From what I've been told Kijiji is a routine way of doing business, an online market where goods can be bought and sold, but it's also a place where you meet and trust strangers to complete a transaction. 

Tim Bosma was selling a truck, a nice truck from how it looked on its online ad.  When two men showed up at Tim's door during the evening of Monday May 5th, Tim did what any responsible seller would do by accompanying the two men on their test drive. Again, seems routine,  as men want to make sure they are purchasing a sound vehicle and Tim wanted to ensure that the men did not heist his truck.   

I wish the rest of the story were as routine as the first part.  

We now know that Tim Bosma did not live past that fateful night.  What happened to him, and how it happened is now clouded in mystery.   Was Tim targeted by these ruthless thugs for murder, or did Tim fight  back when he realized his truck might be hijacked?   Was this a sophisticated group of car thieves? When his truck was spotted in Brantford that Monday night, was Tim still alive?  

 It is alleged the suspects tried to purchase the truck of a man in Toronto. In fact, thanks to the work of the man targeted in Toronto, police were able to glean one key piece of information- a tattoo of the word "Ambition" on Dellan Millard, now accused of 1st degree murder. Millard, a part of a wealthy family that dabbled in aviation among other businesses remains the key link into finding out the rest of the details.  Problem is that he is not talking, has invoked his right to silence and the search for at least two other suspects continues.   

We all hurt for the loss of Tim Bosma.  There are many family and friends who are crushed beyond belief by his loss ,and there are those like myself, like Tim who have a two year old daughter who feel the senseless tragedy in a different way. Others just hurt for his family, his grieving young widow whose emotional televised plea moved us all.  Tim Bosma looked like everyone's friend or neighbour, handsome blue eye, hard working, part of a tight knit social circle of family and friends.  His dog was his best friend.  Perhaps it is the first part of the story that resonates.  How many of us have bought and sold items online without a thought that there was potential danger?    

The story has touched the police and the media.  The police, who have done yeoman's work, have devoted man power and resources stretched across multiple bureaus and continue to execute search warrants at crime scene in Waterloo, Ayr and Ancaster.  Police chief Glen de Caire was particularly haggard and emotional when he announced that the remains of Tim Bosma, burnt beyond recognition, had been located.   The media, sometimes criticized for being over zealous in pursuit of that perfect scoop, remain respectful. CHCH TV in particular has blanket coverage that has not been exploitative in nature.  They have a job to do and they have done it well.  

As for the rest of the Hamilton area, we take this personally.  While given the reputation of a working class, sometimes rough town, murder is a relatively rare phenomenon.  Sure it happens, but not as much as people would think for a city that large.   

We have all taken Tim Bosma into our broken hearts and echo the thoughts of Tim Bosmas widow during her hear twrencing public plea. 

It's just a truck.

Police, justice system: over to you. 

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